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One minute for a healthy smile!

Breakthrough at-home oral hygiene treatment.


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  • ​All natural plant-based anti-bacterial

  • Eliminates plaque and cavity-causing bacteria

  • 1 minute at-home treatment


How PhytoLight Works



PhytoLight is a light activated anti-microbial system.


Using blue light (not UV) to activate an all-natural Foam, PhytoLight that kills the bad bacteria on teeth and gums, preventing the build up of tartar and the formation of white spots on the teeth of orthodontic brace patients.


You use PhytoLight at home for just 1-mintue per day. It's fast and easy to use.

Step 1

Load the tray with PhytoLight Foam.



PhytoLight use has been clinically proven to result in improved oral hygiene and cleaner, healthier teeth and gums.

How PhytoLight Works
How Its Used

How PhytoLight Is Used

Use PhytoLight at home daily for only one minute.

Step 2

Insert into mouth, press the blue button to activate for 1 minute.

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Step 3

Rinse the device and repeat daily.

PhytoLight DailyTreatment_4.jpg

Step 4

With the PhytoLight app, track when PhytoLight is being used.

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Why PhytoLight?

bleeding gums_edited.jpg

Bleeding, Puffy Gums

white spots_edited.jpg

White Spot Lesions

To Order:

PhytoLight Starter Kit (1 x PhytoLight Device & 1 x 3-month supply of PhytoLight Foam)

00 USD / $295.00 CAD   + Shipping

Call 1-855-595-4448


PhytoLight helps you create a healthy smile in just one minute per day.

By destroying the bad bacteria on teeth and gums, PhytoLight can:

  • prevent swollen, puffy, bleeding gums

  • reduce tartar (plaque) build up on teeth, prevent cavities

  • destroy the bacteria that causes white spot lesions to form on the teeth of brace wearing patients.

Why PhytoLight

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