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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a PhytoLight Foam Refill Subscription?
A PhytoLight Foam Refill Subscription may be purchased through the PhytoLight smart app by tapping the "Shop" icon on the bottom left of the app screen. Once payment information has been entered, you will be taken to our online store to purchase your PhytoLight Foam Refill Subscription.

What is the PhytoScore under the Progress Report page of the app?

The PhytoScore indicates the number of days in the past 7 days that you completed a one minute treatment with PhytoLight.

What is the smiling face and camera icon in the bottom middle of the PhytoLight smart app screen?

This icon is for the SmileStory section of the PhytoLight smart app. By tapping this icon, you will open the SmileStory screen where you can take a photo of your smile, once per week, to track your progress with PhytoLight. Your SmileStory photos will be shared with your orthodontist, who may use them to monitor your progress with PhytoLight.

If I don't have my smart phone with me, will my PhytoLight Device store my treatment history data?

Yes, the PhytoLight Device has memory in which treatment data is stored between syncs with the PhytoLight smart app.

How do I get my PhytoLight Device treatment data to sync with the PhytoLight app?

To sync the treatment history data stored on the PhytoLight Device with the PhytoLight smart app, simply place the PhytoLight Device on the plugged in Charging Base and launch app. The stored treatment data will sync automatically.

How many treatments can I get out of a fully charged PhytoLight Device without recharging?

A fully charged PhytoLight Device will provide approximately 6 one-minute treatments before requiring a full recharge.

How long does one bottle of PhytoLight Foam last?

When using PhytoLight as directed, once per day, you can expect one bottle of PhytoLight Foam to last approximately one month.

If I believe my PhytoLight Device is not functioning properly, whom do I contact?

If you believe your PhytoLight Device is not functioning as indicated in the Detailed Instructions For Use, included in the PhytoLight Device package, please contact PhytoLight support at

How do I set notifications and set reminder times in the PhytoLight smart app?

By tapping your initials in the upper righthand corner of the PhytoLight smart app, you can set a variety of notifications and change the reminder schedules. Notifications include: low PhytoLight Foam inventory, recurring PhytoLight Foam Refill subscriptions, treatment reminders, sync reminders, SmileStory reminders, and PhytoLight Device memory full notifications. You can set the reminder schedule for the weekday/weekend treatment reminders as well as SmileStory reminders.

If I didn't invite a family member/guardian to monitor my progress when I setup my PhytoLight smart app account, can I do it later?

Yes, you can invite a family member or guardian to monitor your progress by tapping your initials in the upper righthand corner of the PhytoLight smart app.

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