With PhytoLight Make Every Patient a

Perfect Hygiene Patient

How it Works



The PhytoLight device targets and kills bacteria exactly where you want, leaving a healthy biome.

We use botanical science and visible light to disrupt and destroy biofilm, preventing tartar, eliminating bad breath, and preventing white spot lesions.


One minute at home treatment makes it perfect for every patient.


Fast and convenient at home treatment for improved patient compliance and better oral hygiene.


The PhytoLight device is clinically proven to disrupt and destroy biofilm, resulting in improved oral hygiene and cleaner, healthier teeth.

Less focus on plaque, more focus on dental outcomes.

Review our clinical results here

With PhytoLight Make Every Patient a Perfect Hygiene Patient


How it's Used

Your patients use PhytoLight at home daily for only one minute.

Initial Setup

Step 1

Align tabs, and place tray on PhytoLight Device. Secure the lip of the silicone tray over the upper and lower edge

of the device.

Step 2

Place the PhytoLight Device on Charging Base and plug in the AC/DC Adapter.

Step 3

Download the PhytoLight app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and set up your account. Connect the PhytoLight Device to your phone’s Bluetooth.

Daily Treatment

Step 1

Load top and bottom of tray with PhytoLight Foam.

Step 2

Insert into your mouth and activate the PhytoLight Device (side blue button).

Step 3

Wait until all 3 indicator lights are solid, followed by light sequence. Your one minute treatment is now complete.

Step 4

Remove PhytoLight Device from mouth and rinse under tap.

Step 5

Return PhytoLight Device to Charging Base.

With PhytoLight Make Every Patient a Perfect Hygiene Patient


Features - Device and Mobile Application



Foam Active

The botanically derived active is formulated into a foam for easy loading of the upper and lower tray. Simple clean up under the faucet when treatment is complete.


Indicator Lights

The lights countdown the one minute treatment, so patients know when they are finished.


Activation Lights

Blue LEDs in the visible light spectrum are designed to efficiently and safely activate the foam in only one minute.


Charging Base

The dock provides a home for the foam and convenient charging for the PhytoLight Device between treatments.


Soft Silicon Tray

The tray is comfortable for all mouth sizes and easy to remove and replace.






Mobile Application

The PhytoLight app lets your patients set reminders and you monitor their compliance, creating the perfect hygiene patients.

With PhytoLight Make Every Patient a Perfect Hygiene Patient

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